In Manson’s own words, this book is:

a guide to suffering and how to do it better, more meaningfully, with more compassion, and more humility.

good problems

Problems, we all have them. It may seem like other people’s lives are immune to them, but everybody faces problems. If we can come to terms with this, we can start working towards exchanging or upgrading our problems.This is an approach that Manson shares with the readers, and is one that I believe is truly a great mentality to adopt. Instead of wishing for a problem-free life, work towards having a life full of good problems. By accepting and combatting your problems, you are working towards happiness.

If you never face any issues and stay on a constant “high”, you will get used to that state of being and eventually feel unsatisfied. The greatest moments of joy come through overcoming challenges. That’s why it’s so important to accept the reality that problems exist. My proudest and happiest moments have been those that were the result of overcoming challenges. Start measuring the quality of your life on the types instead of the number of problems you are facing, and perhaps you will be able to recognize that actually, life isn’t so bad.

Internal metrics

In today’s world, it’s easy to measure success based on social media following and money. These are both external metrics. Deciding you want an A in a class is an external metric, whilst deciding to improve your study habit is an internal metric. By focusing on the grade you are given, you are handing over control of achieving your goal to your teacher. However, you are in full control of improving your study habits.

By focusing on something we are in full control of, we allow ourselves to be the deciding factor in the outcome. Your teacher may give you a grade you don’t like, but if you don’t improve your study habits, the only person that is accountable for that is YOU. By using internal metrics you are also holding yourself accountable for your actions, as the outcome you are looking for is no longer dependent on other people. By embracing internal metrics you are being more honest with yourself and allowing yourself to clarify the root of all success and failure, and that is YOU.



What I really liked about this book was how easily it flowed from idea to idea. There was a variety of personal anecdotes from Manson combined with stories of prominent figures that kept the book interesting.


I loved the blunt nature of this book. Manson doesn’t hold back and gives you a raw look into his personal experiences, sharing intimate details of his personal life.

This book is for you if…

  • You want a fresh approach to life – Manson offers refreshingly candid insight and shares experiences from his life that can help you improve your happiness