McCormack emphasizes the importance of being aware of people’s inter-relationships. Meaning, an understanding of the social dynamics among a group of people you are talking to. Is there a clear leader? Is someone scared to share their true thoughts due to another person’s presence? Does somebody have information others aren’t aware of? These are just a few factors that contribute to the inter-relationship and social dynamics of a discussion.

McCormack encourages people to have one-on-one meetings whenever possible to eliminate these inter-relationship issues. Through doing this, we overcome many of the social pressures that are prevalent in group settings. Now, we are able to use our negotiation skills far more effectively and once we have convinced the individual, they can conjure up their own explanation for agreeing with the talking points that were discussed in private.

Never demand from others anything that you don’t demand of yourself.

delegating & Self-Esteem

According to McCormack, delegating involves building somebody up, giving them the tools they need, and having the confidence in them to let go. Sounds simple enough, but ego often gets in the way. People would rather have authority, for the sake of having authority, than let go and support the capabilities of an individual that has expertise in a given field. McCormack believes that this type of behavior is symptomatic of insecurity. Oftentimes we feel that if we delegate a task to a capable individual, we will be seen is incapable. It’s a naïve approach that lies at the heart of our self-interest. The only remedy is to be comfortable with who you are and having confidence in yourself. McCormack belief that the sign of a great leader and top manager, is their ability to effectively delegate.

Business demands innovation. There is a constant need to feel around the fringes, to test the edges, but business schools, out of necessity, are condemned to teach the past


to the point

This book is filled with brief anecdotal stories from McCormack’s business experiences. It’s a great book to have on the go, because you can read for five minutes and something will grab your attention. This is not a step-by-step guide to business success, but rather an insightful glimpse into the mind of a highly successful business man.

This book is for you if…

  • You are graduating college or already working – McCormicks advice is most relevant to people that are actually working or about to start working

  • You want a business book to read on the go – The concise nature of McCormack’s book lends itself to reading when time is limited