Your one word

Through reading this book I’ve recognized that having a value in the form of your one word is critical in the success of your brand or business. Through Evan’s step-by-step development process that he takes you through, I learned that it’s important to take the time to recognize who you are and what you want to represent in your business.

Having a vision that will take your business or brand forward is important, but to achieve that, you must first develop your one word. Throughout the book, Evan offers detailed information that is designed to help you find your one word and subsequently incorporate that into your business.

If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.

people over product

As a consumer, we’re interested in the story you (the business) are telling. In order to develop an authentic business, having a “cool” product won’t cut it. The product has to tell a story, it has to represent something. And in order for your product or service to represent something, it has to embody a value, your one word. If you develop a brand or a business around your one word and you really live and breathe that one word in your business, people are going to recognize that and see the story that you’re telling and the values that you embody and represent.

Evan mentions the importance of embracing your natural quirks and characteristics and using them to your advantage. We are all human, and thus we are beautifully imperfect. Use your unique qualities to your advantage and build a business or brand around them. Everyone has different values, and it’s not about which ones are better or worse. It’s about embracing the value most important to you and using that to tell an authentic story that will engage customers and encourage them to form a business relationship with you.


unique layout

This book offers a unique layout and structure for readers. Evan combines a variety of quotes, personal insights, and information from his clients, related to developing and implementing your one word. Due to this unique format, you as the reader are getting more than “just” Evan’s thoughts, you’re getting a compilation of valuable information.

Chapter summaries

The chapter summaries at the end of each section allow me to quickly go over all the important information I want to take note of without having to flip through the pages. This is especially important since each section has so many valuable ideas and activities for you to work through!

Added Value

Evan is a YouTuber and provides a variety of video content, some of which is related to this book specifically. Evan started a weekly YouTube live stream during which he discusses a section of the book and offers a Q&A for viewers.

This book is for you if…

  • You are a fan/subscriber of Evan Carmichael – Learn more about Evan’s personal story and career
  • You are trying to start-up your own business or personal brand – Evan takes you through the process of finding your key values that will help you understand how you should position your business or brand in the market