it’s ok to be alone

Harris highlights that it is ok to be alone. Solitude doesn’t mean feeling lonely. It means spending time without the company of others. This is something that I definitely felt uncomfortable with for a long time throughout my teens.

With the rise of technology, the notion of spending time alone is often seen as weird. One of the most encouraging and thought-provoking statements Harris makes in this book is that: 

If you can’t day dream and be alone in your own thoughts, you are not at peace with yourself

This really resonated with me because the fear of being alone in one’s thoughts can be daunting. One reason that this seemingly simple task seems petrifying is due to the constant connectivity that social media networks provides us.

Ironically, these tools designed for connecting people often leave us feeling utterly disconnected. They are empty calories for our soul. Yet simply recognizing these issues helped me become more at peace with myself. Harris clearly demonstrates the need for us to regain our ability to be alone in thought, and see the beauty of the present moment. 

We aren’t lonely because we are alone; we are lonely because we have failed in our solitude.


powerful message

Harris makes a strong case for the need to be able to disconnect from our crowded environments and retrain ourselves to be able to spend time in solitude and recognize value in that.


great balance

Harris combines his personal experience and research from industry experts. He draws on insight gained from his experience of living in complete isolation for an extended period of time. While also discussing the concept of solitude with various industry experts.  

This book is for you if…

  • You feel lonely even though you are surrounded by people on a regular basis

  • You don’t feel comfortable spending time alone – this book helps you identify some of the underlying issues that may be causing your discomfort.
  • You use your phone and social media too much
  • You are interested in learning how to be more present in the moment